The Ecomuseum was born as a private structure, founded and
grew up with voluntary work and a great spirit of self-denial,
overcoming considerable difficulties and obstacles. Far from equivalence
museum-death, is a museum of re-proposed-reappropriation of our culture,
with didactic and social development purposes. This is attested by the many
cultural initiatives, organized in
collaboration with the Antonino Uccello House Museum of Palazzolo Acreide, il
dialogue with the school world and the museums belonging to the museum network
of the Iblean culture, the involvement of young people, in order to stimulate them a
become aware of the economic potential that can arise from
proper use of the cultural and environmental heritage. Concept e
museographic staging by Rosario Acquaviva, current Director
scientific. Following real estate acquisitions and donations e
furniture, the ecomuseum structure belongs to 80% of the regional state property,
Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, belonging to the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo, Syracuse. With
Decree n.04 / 2020 of the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Identity
Sicilian, it has been recognized as an Ecomuseum of regional interest.
It is currently managed by the Municipality of Buscemi, following a protocol signed on 29/01/2020. It includes twelve museum units: a
casa ro massaru, the house of the farmer, u parmientu, the millstone, a
putia ro firraru, the blacksmith's shop, at casa ro iurnataru, la
house of the laborer, in putia ro quarararu, the workshop of the coppersmith,
a putia ro falignami, the carpenter's shop, a putia ro scarparu e
rappuntapiatti, the shoemaker and tanner's shop, The cycle
of wheat, wheat bread and festivals of the time, clothing, ceramics
calatina and tailoring, working wood and stone, the mill
to water "Santa Lucia", located in the territory of Palazzolo
Acreide. and the Documentation Center of the Iblean Popular Life.

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