4 - The House of the Laborer


After seeing the Casa del Massaro, you will not be amazed, now, in how few square meters could live, instead, a poor laborer! 

Here, in just 12 square meters, is the interior space of the House of the Laborer, inhabited until the 60’s of last century, just over 50 years ago, by as many as six people. 

Look at the floor; it is of natural rock. In a corner, there is a small stone kitchen, tannure, and under the wood or hens space. Above the bed, there is a mezzanine, u sularu, which was used as a small warehouse and where the daughters would sleep. 

Here, then, is an eloquent testimony of the social condition of Sicilian wage earners up until those years. The space in the earth reflects unequivocally the extreme poverty of theses forms of living spaces.


Cortile casa del bracciante. Zona medievale

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