7 -  The Shoemaker's and Tanner's Workshop


In a single space, two crafts have been museumized: the shoemaker and the tanner. 

Precisely, this was the workshop of the last shoemaker of Buscemi, which was turned into a museum after the death of the owner. The tools of a life of work, humble and precious, are here exposed, as if the old shoemaker had left them there to get back to work the next day: the shapes for the various sizes of the shoes are all exposed to your on the left, while on the right, on the wall, are the tools to work the leather: slats and awls to drill, trincetti and knives to cut and shape, pliers to extract the nails ... 

Next to it, in the same shop, are exposed the few working tools of the conciabrocche, a work that is now lost and that has always belonged to the history of man. Here, for example, you can see a tray repaired by a tanner: the tools you can admire are traditional hand drills, the ones that man has always used to drill the ceramics and allow to prepare small grappa. 

Today, if you break a plate, we throw it away! At one time, however, the conciabrocche thought of repairing it!


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