5 - The Coppermith's Workshop


Next to the farmer's house you will find the Bottega del calderaio.

The calderaio was the one who made boilers and pots of all shapes in copper.

Here you will find some types: boilers, pots, pans, tools for the production of cheese in the cheese making process, but also different objects and work tools that belonged to a workshop of Vizzini, a town in the Hyblaean territory in the province of Catania .

This was the last of the many shops in this country, where, until a few years ago, the measured gestures of an ancient work carried out with the aid of hammer and fire were still formed.

Even here, through a monitor, you can see the salient phases of construction of the boiler: from a copper plate to the construction of the cylinder and the bottom, the welding of the same, the beating and finishing of the boiler.

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