3 - The Blacksmith's Shop


You are in an artificial cave, dug by the hands of Man in very ancient times: perhaps it is a Christian hypogeum, or a cave with funeral functions, according to a typical use at the first centuries of Christianity, around 1600/1500 years ago.

This place was reused as a blacksmith's shop, which remained active until the end of the last century.

Everything remained as it was left by the craftsman: the pedal bellows, the forge and the work tools. Through a monitor, the shop returns to life with the presence of the same craftsman who worked there. See the fire fed by the bellows, the smoke that fills the cave, the incandescent iron that takes the shape desired by the blacksmith, feel the rhythmic rhythm of the hammer on the anvil: all this creates a pregnant dimension that will envelop you as if time were stopped.


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